1. Zizinaki has no responsibility to complete the translation for the price quoted if the word count and or nature of the translation varies from what was able to be gained from the Source Materials when first quoted. Zizinaki will provide the Client with a corrected quote with the difference owing for completion of the job and amended delivery date if necessary. The Client may opt to instead receive a full refund if the correct quote is not acceptable.


  1. Zizinaki will provide a refund to the Client in respect of the affected Services if:
    a. Translation no longer required: the Client terminates a Contract (or partially terminates a Contract);
    b. Non–Delivery of Translation: the electronic translation is not delivered to the Client after 4 Working Days from the delivery date specified in the Accepted Quote, provided that no refund will be made if the Client has not provided all required information to Zizinaki, as requested by Zizinaki, in a timely manner;
    c. Translations not-as-required: the Deliverables as supplied to the Client are significantly different from the deliverables required by the Client as specified in the Accepted Quote (for example, the Deliverables are in the wrong target language); or
    d. Translations contain gross errors: the Deliverables contain gross errors, provided that the Client must first, within the stipulated period, request revisions to correct any such errors and identify the errors in the Deliverable. If errors are identified or revisions are requested after the stipulated period, the Client will not be eligible for any refund.


  1. In the event of any monetary refund, the return payment will be 100% of the amount paid by the Client for the affected Services less courier and handling costs, and only if the following actions/conditions have been completed/fulfilled within 10 Working Days of submission of the relevant Deliverable to the Client:
    a. The request for a refund is received by Zizinaki, in writing via email sent to phone calls will not be sufficient. The request for a refund must include: Job #, date of commissioning, name of company under which the service was commissioned, name of person the invoice was billed to, the e-mail address used at the time of the commissioning of the required service and the manner in which the service was paid for (e.g. Credit Card, Cash, Remittance, etc.).
    b. The Client completed the required checklist providing the appropriate background, overview, audience, language tone, reserved words and glossary terms as requested prior to dispatch of the any of the Source Materials by Zizinaki
    c. Where applicable the Client has clearly explained why any rectifications proposed by Zizinaki would not be effective.
    d. An undertaking that is endorsed by the Client and submitted to Zizinaki that clearly states that the Client will not use the relevant Deliverables / translations delivered by Zizinaki in part or in whole for personal, business, commercial or any other purposes.


  1. Zizinaki will endeavor to investigate and where applicable to process refunds within 5 Working Days of receipt of a refund request, but refund requests may take up to 2 weeks to investigate and process. A reply
    will be sent to the Client after Zizinaki has determined whether a refund is necessary. If Zizinaki determines that the refund request meets the requirements of this policy, Zizinaki will notify the Client in writing and advise the payment method that will be used to refund the monies paid.